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Allow Myself to Introduce…MYSELF.
When I enter a room, everyone is instantly drawn in.  “Some say it’s because of my magnetism,” said NO ONE ever. Nah, usually it’s because I just tripped over a chair.  Yeah, I have what they call, “a little bit of a gravity problem.” I fall…A LOT. But I embrace my clumsiness…they don’t allow JUST ANYONE into this “KLUTZY CLUB.” It’s pretty elite.
I grew up in Northern VT…way up NORTH…we’re talkin’ the Canadian BORDER- north. Drive to Canada, put your car in reverse and you’re there. Literally.
I started in radio 6 years ago…fell into it actually…both literally and metaphorically. See? I told you I was a klutz. The minute I got into the studio and that “ON-AIR” sign started flashing, they couldn’t shut me up. It was LOVE at FIRST TALK. I’ve always been a “talker.” I used to get in trouble all the time in school for talking…and now, I get paid to do it. All those trips to the principal’s office paid off. I always told my mom they would. Booyah!
I love making people laugh and will do just about anything to do so. My list of places I’ve been kicked out of is proof of that. But don’t worry – I keep it in my sneaker…no arrests or anything.  While making people laugh is important to me, so is being family-friendly. I go for being kid-friendly, mother-approved and hopefully someone you’d like to hang with! 
I love the Celtics, chocolate cake with PB frosting, Chris Farley, clowns, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – my favorite turtle is Raphael…clear choice as he is the bad-boy in the group.
Yup, that’s me…in a CANDY-SHELL. (Who wants to be in a nut-shell?)  
Thanks for listening to KIXX 100.5/101.9!!

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